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Nursing Corps Headquarters
Team Tournament Information


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"I wasn't much of a team player when I was a Confederate officer but I know a good idea when I see one...the Nursing Corp Headquarters Team Tournament."

Braxton Bragg's ghost, 2001


1) 32 players will be needed. There will be 16 teams. Each team will consist of two generals.

2) Format will be single elimination based on a blind draw for position in the bracket.

3) There will be two battles per round.

4) Each general will fight only once per round. Teams will be allowed to pick which player will play the Union and which to play as Confederate.

5) Winner of each round will be determined by total number of victory points.

6) Battles to be used will be announced at a later date.

7) Projected start date is Fall 2001. This will NOT conflict with McMaster's current Tournament.