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"The Black Knight"


Turner Ashby
 Western Virginia, January 1862

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Nursing Corps HQ Team Tournament Battles:

Wildcard 1: Shiloh Tourney

Created by TGoGF

Wildcard 2: Perryville

Created by John B Gordon

Round 1: Wilderness 1864

Created by 1st NY mounted rifles.

Round 2 : Sharpsburg dtg

Created by dtg

Round 3 : 7 Pines HB

Created by Col Hiram Berdan

Championship : Rodes' Dilemma

Created by Otis Birdsong



Rookie Generals Scenario Pack

This package was put together with players NEW to online play in mind. While it doesnt have anywhere near the battles available to download there is a nice mix of scenarios from all cavalry action at Brandy Station to the original Challenge I. These will give rookies a taste of what player created scenarios are like. And if you see any of the guys who made these I'm sure a thank you for building them would be appreciated...

Battle of Georgia
Brandy Station
Challenge I
Fort Morgan
Ghost's Gettysburg
Shiloh Tourney-2 Day Version
Wilderness 1864


scenarios for downloading:

Wilderness 1864 Alt 1

The Great Battle of the Wilderness. Created By 1st NY Mounted Rifles

2nd Manassas HB 2002

A fresh look at Second Manassas on a very large map. Created by Col Hiram Berdan.

Challenge 17

Challenge 17 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is played upon a new 80 x 80 map and is 56 turns in length. Created by ****Stonewall****

Challenge 16

Challenge 16 is a variation of the earlier Challenge 9. The map has been slightly modified and new units have been included. Unit arrivals have been staggered to minimize the Confederate player's first-move advantage and it is 45 turns in length. Created by ****Stonewall****

Port Republic 7

The Battle of Port Republic 7. 34 turns. no flags. duel. Created by Ned Kellys Gang

Whyalla 7

even chall/duel. 42 turns. 3 flags, one in each town for each side. this scenario was made with all the blokes names who played jj's tourney. good hunting. Created by ned kellys gang

Vicksburg: The Last Campaign & Siege

The last campaign of General Grant against Vicksburg (March 29 - July 4, 1863) is worth being considered a masterpiece of strategy. Grant was able to cross the Mississippi, outflank Vicksburg, cut its rail connections, and to defeat confederates in 5 different battles, besieging them demoralized in the fortress. All the efforts of General Joe Johnston to break the siege proved to be in vain because of Pemberton's insubordination. Created by General Beauregard

Challenge 15

Challenge 15 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory.  It is played upon a new large-scale map and is 45 turns in length. Created by ****Stonewall****

Challenge 14 and Challenge 14NF

Challenge 14 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is played upon a new large-scale map and is 45 turns in length. All units will arrive on the battlefield by the second turn. The construction or destruction of bridges may play a key role in the outcome of the battle. Created by ****Stonewall****

Mini Duel

Equal units. Created by Jocko Stingington


This is a 45 turn battle based on fair play. Created by General McMaster

Peninsula '63

In June of 1863, it was contemplated for the 4th and 7th Corps to advance upon Richmond while Lee's army was advancing into Pennsylvania.  This is a "what if" they did advance to the outskirts of Richmond. Created by Col Hiram Berdan

The Gettysburg Vignettes

Gettysburg: Day 1
This scenario depicts the 1st day. 24 turns. Regimental.
Gettysburg: Peach Orchard/ Wheatfield
On July 2nd, Lee orders Longstreet to drive the attack against the Union left wing.
Gettysburg: Devils Den/Little Round Top
Benning and Anderson's brigades try and take the Devils Den.
Gettysburg: Culp's Hill
Bringing in fresh troops of the 2nd Corp, Lee tries to take Culp's Hill to enfilade the Union position along Cemetery Ridge.
Gettysburg: Pickett's Charge
Having fought 2 days in Pennsylvania, Lee feels he needs one more great thrust to break the Union lines.
Gettysburg: 3rd day East Cavalry Action
In Conjunction with Longstreet's orders to attack the Union center on the 3rd day at Gettysburg, Lee orders JEB Stuart to move around the Union left and strike the Federal center from the rear.

These scenarios are the result of a team effort between Eck & General Beauregard

Challenge XIII

Challenge 13 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is played upon a large-scale map and is 47 turns in length. Created by ****Stonewall****

Gettysburg Alt 8

This scenario explores the classic "what if" where Stonewall Jackson survives Chancellorsville to participate in Lee's second invasion. Created by George Thomas.


This scenario is a fair fight. You will have to command your Infantry, Engineers, Sharp Shooters, Artillery and navy boat here. There are two main flags in this scenario. In the capitol of your opponent. The Capitols are guarded by stonewalls and a siege gun. You must also ford a river to assault your opponents capitol. "Plan it well General, Plan it well" ~McMaster 2002. Created by General McMaster

****Stonewall****'s Gettysburg

Take a look around Adams County, Pennsylvania one more time with another great version of the biggest battle in the Civil War. Created by ****Stonewall****

Battle of Brownsville

Following the Confederate defeat at Westport in Missouri, Marmaduke's and Shelby's Divisions are cut off from the rest of Price's army. At the town of Brownsville, Nebraska Confederate forces encounter part of the forces assigned to the District of Nebraska Territory. Created by 1st Nebraska.

Siege of Charleston

July 1863 : Vicksburg has surrendered to Grant, and general Lee's plan to gain a major victory in Union territory has ended in the bloodshed of Gettysburg. Now the efforts of both sides are directed to Charleston. Created by General Beauregard

dtg2002: Sharpsburg

Featuring a bigger map, more historical artillery equippage and unit placements, this 40-turn battle is a challenge for either side. It tends to get bloody. Created by dtg

dtg2002: 7 Pines

The Battle of Seven Pines (called "Fair Oaks" by the Union). Two corps of the Army of the Potomac became a tempting target when they were isolated from the main body of the army by the rain-swollen Chickahominy. Longstreet's attacking force took the wrong road, possibly because Pete's guide might have thought he wanted to go to Fair Oaks Farm instead of Fair Oaks Station; and, consequently, the Confederate attack was late and uncoordinated. Created by dtg

Monocacy Creek

Jubal Early has invaded Maryland after a raid in the Shenandoah Valley. The Army of the Potomac is entrenched before Petersburg Virginia, and Washington is very weakly defended. To gain some time for organizing Union's capitol defense, general Wallace set his few troops to guard Monocacy River fords and bridges. Created by General Beauregard

Port Gibson Historical

Ulysses Grant has landed the bulk of his Army at Bruinsburg and prepares to attack the strongest lines held by J.S.Bowen, who must face his opponent in an almost desperate numerical inferiority. Created by General Beauregard

Gettysburg Challenge II

Gettysburg Challenge II is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It has 5 Corps and is 60 turns in length. It is played upon a new large-scale map of Gettysburg. Created by ****Stonewall****

General Beauregard's Historicals

Kennesaw Mountain
Stone's River
Created by General Beauregard


The Battle of Iuka was fought between Rosecrans' Army of Mississippi and Sterling Price's Army of the West. Price had occupied Iuka as part of a Confederate offensive in Western Tennessee. Created by Jason Wright


In the fall of 1862, the Confederacy was as close to winning its Second American Revolution as it ever would be. Braxton Bragg, in his moment of triumph trying to take and hold all of Kentucky, divided his forces in the face of a numerically superior enemy. During the night of October 7, 1862 Confederates reconnoitering for water find Union forces at Doctor's Creek. Created by GK Warren

Trevilian Station

On the morning of June 11, 1864 Confederate General Wade Hampton and 5,000 Confederate troopers intercepted Union General Phillip Sheridans' 6000 Federal troopers at Trevilian Station in Virginia. Trevilians is known as one of the bloodiest all out cavalry battles of the Civil War. Created by Mike Sirois

South Mountain

After the discovery of Lee's Special Orders No. 191, McClellan had one of the best opportunities of the War. One sudden strike through the gaps at South Mountain and he could destroy Lee's army piecemeal and save the beseiged garrison at Harper's Ferry.

Fort Donelson

On Feb. 6th, 1862 Grant focused his attention on Fort Donelson. Unlike Fort Henry, Donelson had a better strategic position in the hills of Tennessee. Along with Flag Officer Foote's gunboats, Grant planned to attack the forts "river batteries" on Feb. 14th. If the gunboats failed to destroy the heavy guns & failed to dislodge the fort garrison, a land attack would be eminent.

Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher on the coast of Cape Fear, N.C. protects the home port for blockade runners of Wilmington. As long as Wilmington remains open Lee's Army will be supplied, the Fort must be taken! Created by Eck

Bristoe Station

On October 14, 1863, A.P. Hill launched an attack against the apparently exposed rear guard of V Corps. As his lead division, Heth's, moved in for what it thought was the kill, it had a nasty shock. Warren had placed his II Corps in concealed positions. Created by GK Warren

Cedar Mountain

The battle at Cedar Mountain marks Major General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson's last engagement in command of an independent force. On August 9, 1862, the much stronger Confederates nearly suffered defeat at the hands of a small Union force led by Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, but in the end Jackson's wing of the Army of Northern Virginia prevailed.

7 Pines HB

Although the Confederates sustained higher casualties in this poorly-executed battle (including Gen. Joseph Johnston, who was badly wounded), the action redoubled Union Gen. McClellan's natural caution. He ruled out an immediate offensive against the battered Rebel forces, which he was convinced outnumbered him and were being reinforced from the south. Created by Hiram Berdan

Brice's Crossroads

In 1864 Sherman was preparing to advance from Nashville toward Atlanta. One of his greatest concerns was that Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry would destroy his supply lines and imperil his huge army. Therefore, he had Maj. General Samuel Sturgis set out from Memphis to attack Forrest in Mississippi to destroy his force or at the least, keep it occupied. Created by Shawn Clark

Cedar Creek 1864

Cedar Creek, Shenandoah Valley Campaign 1864. After defeating the Rebels at Fisher's Hill Sheridan drew his troops back across Cedar Creek to rest them. They would get less rest then they were ordered to get. Created by Eck

Fisher's Hill 1864

Jubal Early's Army of the Valley, after having suffered a series of setbacks at the hands of Phil Sheridan, scoured the Strasburg area for some defensible land to make a stand. Created by Eck

2nd Kernstown 1864

Like the Valley Army of old, Early's 2nd Corps catches another Union Army unawares. Created by Eck



Following a stalemate in the Wilderness the South withdrew and formed a vast line around Spotyslvania Court House. Deeply entrenched Lee waited for the next onslaught. While severe losses had limited the South's ability to wage offensive warfare, excellent defensive works evened the odds for victory. Created by JohnIris

Bentonville, N.C.

Bentonville was the last large scale battle of the war. Fought over a 3 day period Joe Johnston and his rag tag army, drawn together from several quarters of the deep south and Tennessee, the rebs fight superior odds with heart and blood. Created by Eck

Red River Campaign

Marching on Shreveport elements of Banks' Army of the Gulf encounter a force under Major General Robert Taylor deteminded to check the Yankee advance up the Red River. Created by Eck

Winchester 1861

Shortly before the battle of 1st Manasas it was the job of Union General Robert Patterson to hold General Johnston's Army of the Shenandoah in the Shenandoah Valley. Preventing him from reinforcing the troops of General P.G.T. Beauregard at Manasas Junction. Created by Eck

Historical Battle of Wilderness, Day 2

General U.S. Grant's mission was unambiguous: destroy the Rebel army and conquer the Confederacy. His first effort with the Army of the Potomac was in the Virginia Wilderness, scene of the previous year's humiliating Battle of Chancellorsville. Created by Travis Yocum

Wilson's Creek

On August 10th, 1861, General Nathaniel Lyon leads his Army to Wilson's Creek where he intends to engage the southern army under the command of Generals Ben McCulloch and Sterling Price and he suprises McCulloch and Price in their encampments on the banks of Wilson's Creek in southwest Missouri.

3rd Winchester 1864

Sept 19th 1864. Jubal Early having raced through the Shenandoah Valley to pressure Washington falls back to Winchester to rest and re-supply his men. Sheridan, new Union commander in the valley, pushes his 3 corps on to catch and atttempt to destroy Early. Created by Eck

Shenandoah Valley 1862

This scenario gives an overview look of Jackson's famous 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. In which the mighty Stonewall misleads, mystifies and confuses 3 Union armies and becomes the South's #1 hero. Created by Eck

Shenandoah Valley 1864

This scenario gives an overview look of Hunter, Sheridan and Jubal Early's famous 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. The Scenario begins with Hunter's weary army returning to the Valley after a failed expedition to capture Lexington Va. His army is demoralized and tired. The Confederates are also tired, but in high spirits in their chase after the Army of the Shenandoah. Can Hunter make it to McDowell and beyond to rest and refit his men before Early, Breckenbridge and Gordon can catch and destroy his army? Can Sheridan's two Corps of infantry and one of cavalry find and engage Early's men? Only the fortunes of war may tell. Created by Eck

Cross Keys Campaign

The Confederate force is on the defensive on all fronts in the intial stages as the Union invades the Shenandoah Valley. The units used in this scenario are taken from 1862 Valley Campaign battle orders. Several changes have been made in terrain from the original Cross Keys map. Two passes into the Valley must be forced by the Union player, Brown's Gap and Rockfish Gap. Both sides will get reinforced with grey receiving the majority of these. Created by Enos Stingington

Ghost's Gettysburg

Some small changes from the historical version include.
1. Addition of yank horse artillery to begin battle.
2. Sharpshooter units for both sides
3. Changes in weapons for both sides, in particular with artillery.
4. Reb cavalry that covered wagon trains in west are brought to field earlier than historical.
5. Reb horse artillery is broken up into two units.
6. Reb Cavalry is formed into a 2 division Corps.
7. Berdan's sharpshooters is broken down into 2 units instead of 1.
8. Unit leaders rankings were changed to reflect the following ranges. Corps Commanders 85-95 Division Commanders 75-85 Brigade Commanders 65-75
9. All flags were removed from the battlefield.
10. Exit hexes fixed.
11. Longstreets HQ unit entry fixed.
12. Longstreet's scout Harrison added to scenario.
13. Union and Reb cavalry divisions have 1 scout unit a piece.
14. Some changes in unit placements and arrival times.
15. Small changes to overall morale and overall suppy for both sides.
16. A few road additions and terrain modifications for playability purposes.
Created by TGoGF

CAMPAIGN: Chattanooga

Campaign of Chattanooga - This scenario starts out with the relative position of the Confederate and Union Armies when the Union began operations to open up the Cracker Line. Both forces have offensive and defensive capability. Shermans troops have not arrived and Longstreets have not left for their operation against Chattanooga. Created by TGoGF

Louisville 1861

The objective is to have 2 of 3 battle flags in your possession at the end of the battle. Currently Confederate forces hold them since they are defending. created by MGIR for RSemmes' Campaign.


Historically the Union Army destroyed the once great Army of Tennessee, the Confederates routed from the field saved only by a daring delaying action by Forrest. Created by Eck

Battle of Averasboro

As Sherman marches through North Carolina, General Hardee decides to turn his Corps and attack General Slocums wing of the Union Army. He chooses ground near Averasboro North Carolina. Created by Eck

Battle of Franklin

The ill-fated Confederate assault at Franklin, TN ordered by John Bell Hood. Created by Eck


U.S. Gen. Don Carlos Buell, under pressure for not having engaged the Confederates in September, led his main force southeast from Louisville towards Bragg at Bardstown, while sending two divisions on a feint toward Frankfort, where Bragg was installing a provisional Confederate state government. Buell's deception succeeded, as Bragg held half of his army near Frankfort. The battle of Perryville started in the early morning darkness of October 8, as skirmishers from both sides went forward in search of water.
Created by John B. Gordon

Shootouts: Iron Brigade's Tournament

Vicksburg: The Breakout
Bull Run: The Fords
Chickamauga: The Trap
Upper Shenandoah: Jackson's Triumph
Chattanooga: Mitchell's Raid
Created by TGoGF

New Hope Church Alt 6

Pursuing Johnston from Resaca, Sherman evaded a strong rebel position at Allatoona Pass and met the strongly entrenched Confederates in the area of Dallas. Engagements around the town and the wooden church to its northwest followed. Created by TGoGF


1a: Battle of Whyalla
2a: Battle of Muscat
3a: Battle of Orlith
4a: Battle of Karpris' Fields
5a: Battle of Albion Crossing
6a: Battle of Two Rivers
7a: Battle of Nimrod's Castle
8a: Battle of Sulean's Canyon
9a: Battle of Paklua Peninsula
Created by corpral whyalla

T-Series 1

t7p/ Battle of the Crows
tdalt/ Battle of Ducati
tfre/ Battle of Balwyn City
thope/ Battle of Dallas Lookout
tjack/ Battle of Ascot
tkern/ Battle of Ballarat
toona way/ Battle of Harper Valley
tphi/ Battle of Fort Custard
Created by corpral whyalla

T-Series 2

tcart/ Battle of Port Tian
tchan/ Battle of Adelaide Mountain
tcross/ Battle of St. Morris
tmec/ Battle of Beckerville
tray/ Battle of White Ox Mountain
tshio/ Battle of Saukker Peninsula
twin/ Battle of Crossville
Created by corpral whyalla

Gang Challenges

Front Royal Challenge
Monocacy Junction Challenge
Catlettsburg Challenge
Created by ned kellys gang


Full supplies and morale. equal troops and weapons. enhanced terrain. all armies on board by turn 5. due to large sizes of armies coming onto board by turns 0. 2. 3. 5. best not to check reinforcements as screen sometimes can't handle all the troops due to only a certain amount of space on the screen. 28 turns. Created by ned kellys gang

Fisher Farm

Created by ned kellys gang

Battle of Bunker Hill

Can you take Bunker Hill? created by corpral whyalla

Little Big Horn

June 25, 1876. Custer leads the 7th Cavalry against a combined force of Sioux, Cheyenne & others

Battle of Little Big Horn
Battle of Little Big Horn alt 1
Created by corpral whyalla.

whyalla: Cold Harbor

an altered version of W. Mahone's Cold Harbor. Created by corpral whyalla.

Battle of Valverde

The battle started as Confederate troops from Texas came over the Rio Grande behind Fort Craig. When General Canby, commanding for the Union, saw their movements he gathered all troops in the Arizona and New Mexico area to stop the advance. Created by Wills Az. Rangers.

Battle of Tuscon

This battle occurs in Arizona. Union troops from the state of California try to take the town of Tucson. The Army of the West meets a mix of Arizona & Texas troops known as the Army of Santa Cruz. Created by Wills Az. Rangers.

Conquest for the West

This is a very important battle if the South can hold Forts Union and Craig. Then the Confederates can enter Colorado and take the gold & silver resources as well as recruit in New Mexico. Then march an army to California and capture the West coast. It was Sibley's Dream to take Arizona, California and New Mexico. Created by Wills Az. Rangers.

Cold Harbor

Fictional version of a day in the Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia. The Confederates must survive the Union assault. Created by W. Mahone.

Fort Morgan

This battle covers every unit in Civil War Generals 2. For those of you who want to control troops on more than 1 front in a massive battle...try Fort Morgan. Created by HF Dixieland.

Pea Ridge

The Battle of Pea Ridge resulted from Federal efforts to secure control of the border state of Missouri. Created by RSemmes.

Gettysburg Historical 1st NY

Units have been adjusted to be more historical then the cd version. The original map has also been improved. Re-adjusting artillery armament is the largest change with both players seeing a reduction in size and a change in cannon type. Created by 1st NY mounted rifles

Wilderness 1864

The Great Battle of the Wilderness. This is another of the most popular new scenarios of the year and is a major improvement over the cd version. Created by 1st NY mounted rifles.

Honey Springs, Indian Territory

The climax of the Union's attempt to drive the Confederates below the Arkansas River. This battle, along with other setbacks, caused a major rift in the Confederate-Indian relationship. Created by 1st Nebraska.

Battle of Brownsville

Following the Confederate defeat at Westport in Missouri, Marmaduke's and Shelby's Divisions are cut off from the rest of Price's army. At the town of Brownsville, Nebraska Confederate forces encounter part of the forces assigned to the District of Nebraska Territory. Created by 1st Nebraska.

Battle for Missouri

This is a "what-if" alternative to the historical Battle of Westport (Kansas City) in which the Southern forces under Sterling Price are attempting to capture St. Louis. Created by 1st Nebraska.

Brandy Station

For fans of all cavalry battles. An historical scenario of the largest ever cavalry engagement. Includes a very good "read me" text with information concerning this fight. Created by Shawn Clark.

Chaos Challenge

This battle places units in surrounded positions in all areas of the map. Each side's units have their equal on the opposite side of the map be it in the North, South, East or West. 100 X 100 map: 2 cavalry divisions. 12 cavalry brigades. 6 horse artillery. 3 infantry divisions. 54 infantry brigades. 18 artillery batteries. 3 HQ. 2 scouts. Created by Enos Stingington


Contest 1: Savage Station
Contest 2: Glendale
Contest 3: Raymond
Contest 4: Champion Hill
Contest 5: Peachtree
Contest 6: Blackburn's Ford
Contest 7: Seven Pines
Contest 8: Jackson
Contest 9: Port Gibson

Vicksburg Siege

It is a large scale campaign with the goal being the capture of Vicksburg. Created by George Thomas.

Challenge Battles

Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
Created by Iron Brigade

Challenge 4(d)
Challenge 5
Challenge 6
Challenge 7
Challenge 8
Challenge 9
Challenge 10
Created by ***Stonewall***

Challenge XI

Created by ***Stonewall***

Challenge XII

Created by ***Stonewall***

Challenge XII (no flag version)

Challenge XII (NF) is a "no flag" version of this scenario for those who prefer this type of battle. Created by ***Stonewall***

Challenge 4 Battles

Challenge 4
Challenge 4a
Challenge 4b
Challenge 4c
Challenge 4d

Challenge 4z

Created by ***Stonewall***

Battle of Georgia

Each army starts at opposite ends of the map. Georgia. Created by Iron Brigade.

Battle of Virginia

Each army starts at opposite ends of the map. Virginia. Created by Iron Brigade.

Battle of Tennessee

Each army starts at opposite ends of the map. Tennessee. Created by Iron Brigade.

Shenandoah Tourney

Cross Keys
Front Royal
Harpers Ferry
New Market
Port Republic
Created by TGoGF

Shiloh Tourney

This battle was created for the "King of Shiloh" Tournament. It is based on the first days fighting at Shiloh. Created by TGoGF

Shiloh Tourney: 2 day version

This battle was created for the "King of Shiloh" tournament. This is the 2 day version. Created by TGoGF

Battle of Belmont, MO

It was one of Grant's first battles in the Western Theater. Belmont was located across the river from Columbus, KY. This scenario also includes the earth works and Fort DeRussey, on the KY side of the river. Created by 15thTN.


This version of Shiloh includes Earl Van Dorn's Army of the West. Van Dorn was ordered to Corinth to take part in the concentration there prior to the battle of Shiloh. Due to muddy roads, he was unable to make it on time. Here he arrives late in the evening on day one of the battle, adding 20,000 troops to the Confederate forces. Created by 15thTN.


Created by dtg

Atlanta Campaign

This version of the Atlanta campaign is designed to encompass many areas of the battle under one map. The Atlanta Campaign began on May 5, 1864 and ended after the battles of Jonesboro and Lovejoy's Station in September of 1864. Created by ***Stonewall***.

Siege of Savannah

General Sherman has 60,000 men and 65 cannon in which to make his "March to the Sea." General Hardee has less than 20,000 men in which to defend Georgia from the advancing Yankee hordes. Created by ***Stonewall***.

Gettysburg Challenge

Challenge at Getty complete with equal terrain on a diagonally divided map; 1 town, 2 Cemetary Hills and 4 Round Tops. Each side has a complete army plus nearly 20 units of cavalry. Created by ***Stonewall***.

Shiloh Challenge

Challenge Shiloh has equal forces for each player on a new map of the Shiloh battlefield. Dedicated to our many friends and fellow Generals who were unable to make the trip to Shiloh in 2001. Created by ***Stonewall***

1st Winchester HB

The battle of Winchester was a disaster for the Union's strategy for taking Richmond and putting a quick end to the Civil War. Stonewall Jackson's overwhelming victory resulted in the deployment of thousands of Federal troops to defend Washington against a Rebel advance up the valley. Created by Hiram Berdan

1st Kernstown HB

This first battle of the Valley Campaign is recorded as being "lost" by Stonewall Jackson, but even in defeat Jackson's threat caused President Lincoln to commit 35,000 men to defend the approaches from the Valley to Washington. Created by Hiram Berdan

2nd Manassas HB

After destroying a Union supply dump at Manassas, Stonewall Jackson hid his army. Pope furiously tried to find the Rebel commander, whom he assumed was fleeing. Created by Hiram Berdan

2nd Winchester HB

The 2nd Battle of Winchester occured when Lee sent Ewell to clear out the Shenandoah Valley. The garrison at Winchester fought bravely for 2 days but when they withdrew towards Harper's Ferry on day 3 there retreat was cut off at Stephenson's Depot. Created by Hiram Berdan

Zagonyi's Charge

Maj. Frank J. White's Prairie Scouts and Frmont's Body Guards under Maj. Charles Zagonyi...operated in front of Frmont's army to gather intelligence. Created by Hiram Berdan

Maryland Campaign

Flush with victory, Lee decided it was time to invade the North. George McClellan found Lee's invasion plans and declared that "If I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go home." Created by Hiram Berdan.

Swamp Challenge

Thank you for playing Swamp Challenge...Keep your leaders close to your men for full morale effect. Created by MGIR

Mountain Challenge

Very defensive battle where you can use the entire mountain to hide troops. Created by MGIR

Labyrinth Challenge

Your object is to navigate the maze. There are many hidden fords. Try to find them to complete the maze. An unbelievable map. Created by Hiram Berdan.

Seven Day's Battles

The first battle, Mechanicsville, started the offensive with the battles of Gaines Mill and Savage Station following soon after. Created by Hiram Berdan.


no cd files

To play without the cd: (1)save this zip to your desktop (2)unzip it to desktop (3)open the folder and cut & paste both items into the pics folder instead of the scenario folder where battles are put.



"I forsee a prescription drug called Prozac. The shame of it is I need some right now because my troops can't stand me..."

Braxton Bragg, 1863